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Challenge have acquired extensive property development experience in Sydney
through collaborative development ventures and successful projects


Iconic Places Enriched

We make the places people love to belong to by creating iconic addresses
that enhance people’s lives and businesses.

About us

Since 1992

The Challenge Property Group has been a successful developer of quality residential apartments and retail centres across Sydney. We pride ourselves on developing iconic projects that inspire local businesses to invest in the area and evoke local change for the future.

Challenge Property is the name behind award-winning projects such as the Italian Forum in Leichhardt, The Grid residences in Rushcutters Bay and the Top Ryde Shopping Centre in Ryde. In Sydney’s thriving and competitive property industry, Challenge Property stands out by having the broad ranging experience to realize opportunities and potential where others often don’t.
Our Services

A Wealth of Experience

Over the years, we have acquired extensive property development experience in Sydney through collaborative development ventures and successful projects. Our team of entrepreneurial commercial and residential property developers are in tune with market trends and have demonstrated their ability to initiate and manage a broad spectrum of proposals across various sectors of the market. We understand all aspects of the development process, instilling a total solution approach with expertise spanning the life of the project and covering:

Initial research and conceptualisan

Master planning

Project finance and analysis

Feasibility and cost planning

Build-ability input

Design management

Proven Property Development Process
The key ingredient to our success is our systematic and proactive approach. We have developed a logical management system of the highest calibre to minimise unpredictability and increase profitability by identifying actions to resolve issues before they occur. Throughout the entire process, our team of commercial and residential property developers have a strong focus on ensuring optimal ‘liveability’, a quality which many property developers often disregard.


Our Vision

A Quality Product
Fit for the Future

We understand neighbourhoods, communities, cites and most importantly People. Just like our clients expect, we strive for quality in every aspect of a development, from the design and amenities right through to the execution of the construction and the settlement process.
We’re committed to doing things differently by focusing on true innovation and future proofing buildings so residences can enjoy their home for many years to come.
We don’t think you should simply hope for something better. We think you should expect it.
See it in action

Check our portfolio

See it in action

Check our portfolio


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